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The video above was shot in February, just after the ‘big European freeze’. This route isn’t a regular feature on our mountain bike holidays, it has a bit too much climbing for most people, but if you are looking for a Basque Coast Backcountry adventure then it is a great option. We use this route on our Backcountry Basque holiday. It shows the scenery but when you come on holiday I can guarantee there won’t be any snow there! There shouldn’t be any mud either and the ground is normally very dry and drains very well. This trail has lots of different types of singletrack with long contour sections. It is fast and flowy but contains plenty of technical challenges. Click more to see lots of photos of this route from previous mountain biking holidays.

This route starts with a 700m uplift and from there you climb and descend through the day, eventually reaching the highest point. From there all that remains is 10km of singletrack which takes you down to a village where we often stop. There is also a great option to keep on descending further and get picked up by a sacred Basque water source which is meant to cure all ills. Most people don’t make it past the bar in the village though!

And here are some photos from previous mountain bike holidays.

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