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basqueMTB in the Press: 2016

basqueMTB in the Press

Recently our mountain bike holidays have been in the press. In this post we are just going to take a moment to pull together this year´s press in one place.


Mavic Trip

We have a long standing relationship with Mavic. It all started when Michel from Mavic came on holiday with us, way back when basqueMTB were just starting and things were tight. I´ve used Mavic clothes whenever I could for years and years and he saw me in some old shorts with the seat all duct-taped together after a fall and sent a box of clothes. Since then we get the occasional box of clothes and also buy clothes and wheels direct from the factory. With that history it was really cool that Mavic put their trust in us to run a big press launch, for their carbon wheels. That press launch got us a mention in varios magazines. Some of them commented on basqueMTB, others just ran photos from the area:

  • Singletrack Magazine, “Some of the best trails I´ve ever ridden in my life”.
  • Enduro Magazine, “Spectacular area”
  • MTBR, “They picked a nice spot to entertain the world´s press”
  • MB Action, “Singletrack galore: The Basque Country offers miles of extraordinary singletrack.”
  • Vojo Mag
  • SoloBici, “Dream paths through unchanged, almost virgin forests”. (translated!)
  • MTB Cult
  • Enduro Tribe, “magnificent trails… We were stoked on the views, and the quality of the singletrack”
  • Bike Rumor

Bangkok Post

A shock to the system for Jorge as they arrive during a show storm!

“I was amazed by the variety of mountain bike trails… some real trail gold. We need to go back there one day.”

You can read the whole article here, Bangkok Post: basqueMTB Article.

Wideopen Magazine Interview with Doug

Pete Scullion interviewed Doug for Wideopen magazine. Find out a bit about the history of basqueMTB over here. Wideopen Magazine: Doug´s Interview

Active Junky

Drew from Active Junky came out to ride with us for a few days. They were meant to ride with us for a couple of days but loved it so much they stayed for more than a week and cut other parts of their trip short! It was great riding with the guys and they wrote a few articles about us as part of a report on Spain.

Destination Report: basqueMTB.

9 Reasons to Ride With BasqueMTB Drew talks through some of the reasons to ride with us and a bit about the local area, geography, culture, food and of course beer! “better than good, better than great. There truly aren’t adjectives to adequately describe the caliber of this coastline.These trails are truly world class”

Another Heart to Heart with DougDrew and I sat in the van after a long day of “vertical nirvana” with a beer and had a chat. Later he turned that into an interview with a bunch of dodgy pictures of me with mud on my face and dust in my beard!

Orbea Trip

I will be writing this story up in full for the website, however at the moment there is still a lot of press to come out from the trip and I don´t want to step on any toes. Watch the press for news! Here are some of the articles which have already come out.

MTB Pro: You can see the original article there, and it´s prettiest on the original website, however for those of you who don´t read Spanish there is a translated version available here: MTBPro: BasqueMTB (Translated).

“amazing, endless single track”

Vojo Mag. Again this article is in French, we are working on a translation just now but you can get a good idea using GoogleTranslate.

AlpKit: Daring Deeds: Pete Scullion writes up the cold night we spend sleeping in the mountains for Alpkit.

Thanks must go to Basque MTB and Orbea for conjuring such a trip

Orbea Videos

This year I also made a couple of videos with Orbea. The first one is a look at what brought me to the Basque Country and was filmed over a few days on the Basque Coast. You can read more about this video on my blog post here. The second one was filmed as part of the adventure above and features that trip. Have a look and I hope that you enjoy!

OutdoorMind “Basque Biking”

At the end of last season we had Outdoormind magazine out, from Germany. Google translate throws up a few great quotes which I am including this report only as an excuse to share with you! “perfect adventure… a team with which you can steal horses but on the other hand are as professional as can be”

That is definitely a quote which makes me smile!

Photos in the Press

We managed to get some pictures in the press as well. As well as a couple of photos of the day over on Pinkbike, I was very honoured to get photo of the month back in March. You can see the photo above, or over on Pinkbike.

We also starred in a couple of Big Pictures in MBR, one shot by me and the other by Daniel Wildey.

Singletrack Magazine: Magic in the Margins of the Day

Finally Singletrack Magazine ran a story from Doug, called Magic in the Margins of the Day, about riding around the Basque Coast at sunrise and sunset to fit in around a new baby. The article was nominated for article of the year which was amazing! We didn´t win but it was great to see our article in a magazine that I´ve read for so many years.You can read the article on the Singeltrack website here.

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