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Orbea Occam on the Basque Coast
Video: "Welcome Home", Doug Riding the Orbea Occam on the Basque Coast.

Riding the Amazing Orbea Occam AM on the Basque Coast

Recently Orbea asked me if I would film with them on the Basque Coast, looking to make a video about my story and how I ended up offering mountain bike holidays on the Basque Coast! It sounded like fun, and I didn´t realise just how much talking I´d have to do so I signed right up.

Orbea Occam on the Basque CoastOrbea Occam on the Basque Coast

All the photos are from Juanjo, Orbea´s photographer who takes some amazing photos. The video is by Ian Baquerin, (links below), who was great to work with. You can see the video below, I hope that you enjoy it and I´ll give you some stories behind the filming below.

I filmed with the Orbea Occam AM Ltd which I tested a few weeks ago.

We filmed over 3 days, taking breaks during lunchtime while the sun was too strong to get nice footage. The filming took place in February, hence the reason the grass isn´t as green as it would be if you were on holiday with us just now. On the 3rd day we spent all morning filming the “interview” which formed the speaking part of this video. It was a cold but sunny day, perfect winter conditions for riding but a bit chilly for sitting talking! I sat down in the opening of the harbour, back against a fishing boat and we just started talking. Occasionally they would ask me to say something again, or rephrase something but we didn´t script anything at all. It was all just edited down to sound vaguely coherent!

Orbea Occam on the Basque CoastBroken Toes and Whisky

One section we repeated several times, it was the end of the second day and I was getting tired. I had two choices, ride out the rocks but have a longer push up, or stop in the rock garden and save some effort. Option 2 didn´t work out for me too well and I ended up catching a pedal on braking and crashing quite badly. Queue a broken toe and a night on the whisky. Next day I also had a black eye, so you will see lots of side shots of me!

Orbea Occam on the Basque CoastOrbea Occam on the Basque Coast

Thanks to Juanjo and Ian Baquerin for their fantastic filming and photos, really top job guys and it was an absolute pleasure to work with you both.

Check out their Instagram accounts here:

Photographer – Juanjo

Videographer – Ian Baquerin

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