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mountain bike holiday > Big Multi-Continental Group Visit Europe for a Bike Holiday

Big Multi-Continental Group Visit Europe for a Bike Holiday

basqueMTB Mountain BIke Holiday Report
Mountain Bike Holiday Report: More guests from all over the world enjoy mountain biking with Basque MTB.

Mountain Bike Holiday Report: Three Continents Represented in Spain

This week we had Jason and Addie from Australia, Jodie from the UK, Teppo from Norway and Jack from Canada visiting Basque MTB for a week of mountain biking on the Spanish coast. It was fantastic to have so many countries all together talking in the van each morning and the chat out on the trails was really interesting. To show our visitors the most that we possibly could we tried to keep the trails as varied as possible, obviously tailoring them to the riders levels as we went, as good guides should do! We rode a couple of days on the Basque coast, riding into San Sebastian one day and doing another, new, point to point along the coast on the second day. The third day we did a fairly big mountain type of ride, climbing up to almost 1000m before enjoying a long, long descent. On our fourth day we rode the trail network around “Stinky Goat”, spending the day climbing and descending on the maze of singletrack there. Everyone had a good time, there were no big accidents and it was a really fun week for me.

“Loved ripping Basque’s flowy singletrack. Basque MTB will take care of you and show you the goods. Watch the videos the trails are awesome and what you see is what you get. I only wished I booked more days” and “Doug is an awesome rider but really knows how to take care of his riders, whether your a pro or just love riding bikes”– Jack from Canada.

Jack also said this about 4-Letter Word, which made me laugh:“All the trails were awesome other than the one that was overgrown with death cookies underneath”

“Doug is friendly, professional, and has amazing local knowledge. Some of the most wonderful countryside I have seen too! Can’t stop talking about our trip and can’t wait to get back there! Doug, honestly you have the whole experience nailed!” – Jason and Addie

You can see all the photos from the week and read some more stories after the break.

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