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mountain bike holiday > 4 Return for 3rd BasqueMTB Mountain Bike Holiday

4 Return for 3rd BasqueMTB Mountain Bike Holiday

Mountain Bike Holiday Report
Third mountain bike holiday in Spain with basqueMTB in a row for this week's guest.

Mountain Bike Holiday Report: Third Holiday with Basque MTB in a Row

Some weeks you look forward to all year, specifically those weeks when we have return visitors. By the time people finish their mountain bike holiday here I generally know them pretty well, even more so if they return a few times. This week we had Bill and Craig, a father and son from Scotland and Kirsten and Jasper, a young couple from Belgium, returning for the third time. We put them together in the same week last year and they got on really well and chose to come at the same time again this year for another mountain bike holiday.

“Summary: We keep returning and returning!” – Jasper

We had another mixed week of weather, the weather across central Europe really is pretty frustrating this year. We are lucky that we can mountain bike pretty much regardless of the weather and we also have a lot of different areas we can choose to ride in to find good weather but this week even that wasn’t an option some days. Read on for the pictures and stories from this week’s mountain bike holiday.

I asked the guys to sum up their mountain bike holiday, here is what they said!

“Fun, challenging, diverse, beautiful mountain biking and great food” – Kirsten

“More of an Adventure than a Holiday; mountain biking is certainly the greatest part but don’t forget the scenery, cuisine and atmosphere of the region” – Bill

We biked on some of our favourite trails and some new ones as well. We get a lot of returning visitors and I always try to give them some of their favourite trails from their previous holidays along with some new ones as well; it’s a balance which seems to work well.

Thanks to Bill, Craig, Kirsten and Jasper for visiting again. It was great fun, sorry that the weather wasn’t the best but I really enjoyed riding with you again. Keep on biking and hopefully see you soon!

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