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Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holidays with BasqueMTB: Spanish Utah!

Full Day
From 1000m
Moderate with occasional Hard sections

In Three Words: ndiscovered. Singletrack. Unexpected.

In More Words:This is a part of Spain that we were shown by local riders. It is virtually undiscovered and it is always funny to watch people try to guess where it is from the photos. Nobody has ever got it right! We call it Spanish Utah because it’s in Spain but you would swear it was Utah. We would come here for the views even if the trails were rubbish but luckily the singletrack is fantastic!

Sublime, dusty singletrack… atop another riverbed, rockier this time, with some fair exposure off to our right-hand side, this was one for the books… the smiles from Sam, Joe and Doug said it all. Singletrack Magazine

Spanish Utah is a regular stop on our Pyrenees mountain bike holidays. The trails here are amazing and there is almost no fireroad, with miles and miles of uninterrupted, perfect, 6 inch wide, buff, snakey singletrack. It winds up, and down through the most amazing scenery, with huge wind-carved cliffs of red sandstone standing high above gorges and strange rock formations. This is an area that was shown to us by local riders and without them we would never have found these trails which are tucked away in an area of Spain which isn’t known for it’s mountain biking.

Many people think that the photos are taken in Bardenas Real, a natural park where mountain biking is strictly limited, however Spanish Utah is far more impressive with an order of magnitude more singletrack and no limitations on the trails we can ride!The trails of Spanish Utah are generally moderate, however there are some sections with prolongued exposure and some short sections where the technical difficulty is very high. Flowing would be a good word to describe these trails, which is appropriate they were carved by the flash floods that the area sees on the very rare occasions when it rains heavily here.

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