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Reviews > Review: Shimano AM41 Mountain Bike Shoes

Review: Shimano AM41 Mountain Bike Shoes

BasqueMTB short term review of the Shimano AM41 mountain bike shoes and Sockguy socks.
Recently I realised that I wear either my slippers or mountain bike shoes for almost 95% of the time I am awake. I can’t work out if that’s brilliant or terrible. What I do know is that it means that I want a comfortable mountain bike shoe that lasts well… and the Shimano AM40 was that shoe. It was so good that I bought two and between them they lasted me well for 18 months. That includes a full season mountain bike guiding in the Basque Country, Spain. Eventually all things die though and so it was the case with my AM40’s, even the duct tape couldn’t keep them alive any longer and I sent them to the big shoe box in the sky and bought myself a new pair of Shimano AM41’s. Read on to find out how that’s worked out for me over the last month of mountain bike guiding… The Shimano AM41 shoes are very similar to the AM40’s: the same Vibram sole which lasts for ages and offers fantastic grip; the same front flap which stops the laces coming loose and keeps the dirt out; the same suspect looks, but like I said before if you’re looking at your shoes when you’re riding then you are doing something very wrong; and the same great blend of light weight and stiffness. The big difference of the AM41 over the old AM40 is the plastic coating on the upper part of the shoe. This doesn’t help the looks at all but what it does do is shed mud and water, meaning the AM41’s definitely stay dry and clean when the Am40’s would have been wet and dirty. I was worried at first about this coating making the shoe sweaty but so far I haven’t found that to be a problem either, despite some very warm Spanish weather last month. What I have found is that the AM41’s take longer to dry than my AM40’s, probably due to the plastic coating. One note on sizing. The AM40’s were a tight fit and my usual size 43 was a bit tight on me, although still comfortable. I bought the AM41’s in size 43 as well but I find them a bit tighter. It is definitely worth going up a size in these shoes, or if you’re not buying them over the internet then try them on. For those of you who are wondering, the socks are by The Sock Guy, manufacturers of the best mountain biking socks I’ve ever used. I can’t quite bring myself to write a sock review but I’ve got one paragraph in me! They last for ages, are a good weight and are comfortable.

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