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Twisted Wheels Mountain Bike Holiday

Mountain Bike Holiday Report
Twisted wheel´s mountain bike holiday in Spain.

Mountain Bike Holiday Report: Twisted Wheels Tour the Basque Country

Today we were visited by Steve, Steve, Rob, Alan, Tom and Marcus from the Twisted Wheels mountain bike club in the north of England for a week long mountain bike holiday in the north of Spain. If you are a regular reader of these blogs then you will know that we have had really bad weather this spring, however the Twisted Wheels group brought the Spanish sun with them and we were once more riding under the more familiar blue skies for most of the week. We rode a mixture of our favourite trails and some new ones, used a bunch of uplift to help with the climbing, swam in the mountain lakes and rode our mountain bikes a lot. It was ace! Read on for more about this week.

“The riding was as good as the Alps, but in a much more relaxed atmosphere. For me, this was my favourite mtb trip, and none of my previous trips to the Alps or Southern Spain were exactly rubbish. The overall thing you pull together is just absolutely bloody spot on.” – Steve Turner

Steve put together a little write up on Twisted Wheels, you can read his summary of our mountain bike holiday here: Twisted Wheels Visit Basque MTB

On the first day we had some cloud cover but it quickly lifted. We started with a few runs down “All Along the Watchtowers” taking in some of the variations and watching to see how the group got on. It was pretty clear, as we expected from our pre-holiday questions, that the guys were good riders. After a huuuge sandwich at The Fat Ladies Café we took a little boat journey along the Basque Coast and mountain biked all the way into San Sebastian. The rest of the week continued sunny, right up until the last day which was wet again. On the second day we rode “Cross the Streams”, “The Blue Pill” and “La Dona” with it´s super steep chutes and magic corners.

“Overall Rating: Fantastic Summary: Couldn’t really ask for more from Doug this week; fantastic trails, food and company. Will be back for more!” – Other Steve

Day 3 we took a drive into Navarra and rode near Pamplona, with a big mountain epic followed by some twisty, turney uplifted riding and local wine and fine food! Day 4 we were a bit tired so we did some variations on Carlos´s ridge, punctuated by wild swimming, paella and sangria. Some of the group had to leave on the fifth day so we had a rest day and Steve and Rob headed into San Sebastian for a relaxing spa followed by trying to eat the whole town! On day 5 it was wet, (booo!), so we did a bunch of uplift on the local mountains, giving us a fantastic day of steep, wet loam.

“Top banana experience, big big recommend – very much worth a visit. What you offer really is a blend of everything that is best about mountain biking: brilliant variety of trails, unique setting, fantastic food, eagles, and best of all you guys are just top top people to ride with” – Steve T Again

What a great week we had. That goes from Dave, Antonio and I, we really enjoyed guiding Steve and his friends. It´s very easy to enjoy the office on weeks like this 🙂 Have a look at all the pictures and hopefully you´ll get an idea of how much fun the week’s mountain biking was.

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