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Very Varied Mountain Bike Holidays this Week!

basqueMTB Mountain Bike Holiday Report
Recent trail tales from our mountain bike holidays in Spain.

Mountain Bike Holiday Report: Ryan, Michael, Simon, Beccy, Maggie and the Bevemyrs

This report is a bit overdue. I’m working through all the mountain bike holiday reports that I missed and this somehow slipped through the nets! Fortunately this was a fantastic week of holidays so it stays fresh in my memories. We had a few different groups all out at the same time. We had Michael and Simon, a couple of friends from the UK and Thailand join us for a full week’s mountain bike holiday, along with Ryan who brought along his non-riding partner Jules. We also had a couple of single days of mountain biking trips on the coast, coincidentally both with Swedish groups visiting for their second time; the Bevemyr family and Simon and his friends. Read on for more stories for our mountain bike holidays.

“Just back from a week with Basque MTB and what a week it was. Doug and the team where excellent. Just wanted to say many many thanks for a great experience last week. Learnt a lot and the big day was something special. The mix of uplift and climbing was just right for me.” – Michael

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