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Zona Zero Enduro World Series – Update

This holiday is no longer offered. We have taken all the mountain bike holidays we have ran, and the races we have competed in, including the EWS races, and we have made them into one holiday, called the Ainsa Enduro Mountain Bike Holiday. Why not have a look!

Zona Zero EWS Holiday: Overview

We are delighted to be able to offer a trip based around the Enduro World Series in Zona Zero this year. We have been working to put something together similar to our successful trip in 2016 for the first EWS in Ainsa. Read on to read what we will offer and please share this to any friends who might be interested.

Doug and the boys had everything lined up every day, it was as close as I will come to being on a PRO team

Dirty Nomad.
If you like your blogs sweary and as funny as hell then you should check him out!

Zona Zero EWS Holiday: History

The Zona Zero Enduro world series was first held, in Ainsa town, back in September 2016. We have been working with Zona Zero since before it became a well known destination and have been leading trip there for over 8 years, so it was natural that when the EWS came we wanted to be there too. We organised a 10 day trip, with 4 days or riding to let people explore the Pyrenees mountains prior to the start of the EWS. During practice we offered the full “pro-experience” with personal shuttles, mechanical support and food and drink stops set up for our riders at the end of the stages. On top of that we had pre-booked the best accommodation in the area, right in the old town with a secure bike garage for our guests.

Some of the most unexpected and awesome trails I’ve ever ridden

The famous Sven Martin in an article putting our EWS trip on his MTB bucket list.

Zona Zero EWS Holiday: What We Will Offer

Fast forward to 2018 and the EWS is coming back to Ainsa. Despite being voted the best round of 2016 Zona Zero are promising bigger and better this year, and we are going to be there to offer something special again. We have the same accommodation in the old town, right above the prologue stage and next to the start line and event village. Accommodation in the old town has been sold out for ages, we have had this booked for a few months already. We will be offering a trip based around this schedule:

  • 15th – 24th of September 2018
  • Transfers to and from Barcelona.
  • 9 nights accommodation in the center of the old town.
  • Breakfast ingredients.
  • 4 Picnic lunches.
  • 4 days of fantastic, uplift supported, mountain biking in the Pyrenees and areas surrounding Zona Zero.
  • 2 days of uplift, mechanical and logistical support for race practice.
  • At the end of our 6 days together you can stay and compete, or spectate, in the Enduro World Series in Zona Zero. (Entries aren’t included).
  • Cost: €1250 per person.

Zona Zero EWS Holiday: How To Book

If you are interested in this trip please get in touch as soon as possible. We have already filled 2 places and expect the remaining places to fill up very quickly!

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