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Trail > 2011 Trail Building and Finding News #3

This is the third installment in my trail finding and building news, covering this week. I have spend a few days searching out trails along the coast and have a new route along there pretty much ready. This will all be part of our coastal tour weeks. I have also continued searching out a new route on one of the local mountains, to extend the Blue Pill, with mixed success.

The coastal route has been a pleasure. The first couple of days didn’t really work and I ended up pushing and carrying more than riding but I have got a far better route now. These pictures are from Thursday, I started early in a small seaside town called Zumaia; a beautiful wee place tucked in between sea cliffs.

Climbing up out of Zumaia was tough but the views kept getting better, and better which distracted from the pain in my early morning legs.
The trail sticks pretty close to the coast on a mixture of surfaces, but it was beautiful all the way.
I passed by a tiny remote village, with about 10 houses, just in time for their local festival which seemed to consist of getting two bulls to pull a big stone. Everyone seemed to be having a good time though.
More trails and I ended up at a perfect lunch spot, where I ate and had a play on the beach. Tucked under a big cliff with a small stony beach, it was beautiful.
Of course from here the only way was up! Climbing, another descent and I came to a place where the previous times I had been faced with a near vertical concrete road. This time I took an old tunnel, which was pretty much dark and a bit scary. It took me onto the old railway line which missed out a horrible climb and unrideable descent which I had faced the other times. I didn’t take any pictures, the light was terrible, but it was a cool section. After this, a tough climb and two options to descend into another coastal town. The descent I chose is pretty full on, it has big chutes (one I didn’t try) and tight switchbacks but ends right in the town. From here we can take the train back to the van, although I chose to ride.
As I tend to do in winter, I’d stretched the very last out of the light and arrived to my start point just as the sun was setting. It would be rude not to ride down the knife-edged spit of rock and watch the sun set I thought.
The rest of the week was searching out an extension for the “Blue Pill”.The forest is funny at the moment, so wintry and hardly any green. It’s amazing to believe it will be totally green in a couple of months. I found this old canal; these are cool linking trails because they run almost flat, are 1m wide and cling to the side of the mountain so you normally get great views.

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