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Sergio Layos and Iago Garay escape to the Basque Coast to mountain bike with us.

Basque Coast Mountain Bike Escapes

Escape the city heat and come and ride the Basque mountains with it´s cool breezes, sunny beaches and incredible food and drink. Does it sound like heaven? That is what professional mountain bikers Iago Garay and Sergio Layos decided to do a short time ago. Leaving Madrid on Friday afternoon they drove the 4-5 hours north to the Basque Coast, trusting basqueMTB to show them the best trails and organise uplifts and accomodation for them.

Luckily we had video maker and Evil Bikes representative Cal Jelley along plus photographer to the MTB stars Kike Abelleira

With just three days of mountain biking we quickly set to work running uplifts and with Igor guiding showed the guys some of the best trails on the Basque Coast. Choosing a mixture of natural and locally build descents meant maximum fun! I hope that you enjoy the video.

Thanks a lot to Sergio, Iago, Kike and Cal for helping us shoot this video. It was an absolute pleasure to ride and hang out witkh you guys!

Basque Coast Mountain Bike Escapes

Riding on the Basque Coast

The northern coast of Spain is only a few hours from Madrid but the contrasts are massive. The green mountains on the coast stretch down to the coast and it is much, much more sunny than the National weather forecasts seem to suggest. Typcially when we get rain in summer it is in the evenings and helps to keep the ground perfect for mountain biking. There are lots of trails here, mostly local secrets which are built and maintained by passionate local riders. Like us!

To get the most enjoyement from riding on the coast you need to have a local guide and ideally uplifts. The climbs here can be steep and unforgiving but we have a great road network and an uplift van opens up lots and lots of options. Having a fast local guide really helps to maximise the biking and make sure you get to ride the best trails.

With three days of mountain biking to enjoy with Sergio and Iago we couldn´t ride everything, however we selected some of our favourite trails. Generally riding the full day with a generous stop for lunch, Spanish style, and trying to fit in visits to the local skate parks and jump spots for Sergio and Iago to enjoy.

Thanks so much to everyone involved in making this video and the photos. And the riders of course! It was great fun riding and hanging out with everyone.


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