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Escape the winter with our Ainsa Enduro mountain bike holiday. Enjoy some hidden Pyrenees magic as well as the now famous World Enduro trails in Zona Zero. We have been guiding in Zona Zero longer than anyone and know the secrets to make sure that you get the most mountain biking using our unlimited van shuttles. We climb around 5000m and descend around 12,000m on this intense winter mountain bike holiday. If you want to ride the famous Zona Zero trails with the best guides, enjoy our fantastic picnics and get some winter sunshine then this is the mountain bike holiday for you.
7 nights
Breakfast & 2 Lunches
6 days guiding
Small groups + Local Guides
Ainsa, Pyrenees, Spain
Quality photos of your trip
Physical basque coast mountain bike holiday physicallevel
Technical basque coast mountain bike holiday technical level
Down 12,000m
Climb 5,000m
Dates November – March
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“Fantastic biking and dry trails on our Ainsa Enduro mountain bike holiday. “

Are you looking to escape the winter and ride some fantastic trails in the Pyrenees, with around 50 – 60% uplift? Look no further! Our Ainsa Enduro mountain bike holiday is the perfect way to escape your muddy or snowy trails and enjoy a fantastic mountain bike holiday, riding the foothills of the Pyrenees where the winters are crisp and dry. Using our vans for uplifts we will ride some of the best trails in and around Zona Zero (Ainsa), made famous by the Enduro World Series in 2016 and 2018. basqueMTB have been riding in this area longer than anyone and nobody knows this area better than us. Using our van we can show you the best trails in the Zona Zero, with plenty of uplift, as well as the surrounding trails that few people ever visit.

What’s Included

  7 Nights High Quality Accommodation  
  6 Days Guiding  
  Transfers from Barcelona Airport  
  Small Groups of 7 or less  
  Local Guides  
  High Quality Photos of Trip  
Uplift and Van Support
There is no better mountain bike trip in the winter Roman

Ainsa / Zona Zero

Ainsa is home to Zona Zero, a natural trail center, sitting in the southern foothills of the Pyrenees, and is regularly touted as one of the best areas in Spain for mountain biking. The climate is very dry with over 300 sunny days a year, and winters are generally dry with cold nights which give way to cool days. Typically we would expect to start the day with a warm jacket and by 10:30am be riding in short sleeves. The mountain biking in Zona Zero is fantastic with long, flowing singletrack descents with plenty of variety. BasqueMTB have been involved with Zona Zero since it´s start and are official guides for the area. No other company has so much experience guiding in this area and with our local connections you will really see the best the area has to offer in a way you never could by yourself. We use our vans to link up the best trails, and usually some local secrets, letting you see the best of the area during your weeks holiday.

Surrounding Areas

Surrounding Ainsa, the Pyrenees offer a whole range of fantastic mountainbiking which, sadly, most of the mountain bikers who travel to ride the trails in Zona Zero never see. The aim of this holiday is to use Zona Zero as a base and explore many of these trails. We aim to ride around 3 to 4 days within the Zona Zero area and another 2 to 3 days outside the main area, meaning you get to see the best of the area and get the biggest variety of trails possible.


All our weeks are tailored to the guests and during the booking process we will discuss your requirements and make sure you are put in with a suitable group. Each week we aim to run two groups with a guide, driver, van and trailer each to allow people to choose the group which best suits their level.
“Ainsa Enduro” Mountain Bike Holiday: Technical Level
ainsa enduro mountain bike holiday physicallevel
The terrain on this holiday will generally be rough with plenty of rocks and long, technical descents. There are plenty of trails and we can tailor our Ainsa mountain bike holidays to different levels but due to the fact that we will be riding many trails from the Enduro World Series this holiday will suit high intermediate to advanced riders. The climbing will be challenging in places, although we will use plenty of van uplift, and there will be technical climbing on singletrack throughout the week. The sort of rider who will get the most from this tour will be very comfortable on all of the trail centre trails in the UK.
Fifth time is the charm. Each of my trips with BasqueMTB have somehow found a way to outdo the previous ones. During my drive home after the trips, I am always in a state of wonder and euphoria of how great the week was Chris talking about the Ainsa Enduro holiday, his 5th with us.
“Ainsa Enduro” Mountain Bike Holiday: Required Fitness
Ainsa Enduro mountain bike holiday physicallevel
A good level of fitness is required although we will use van uplift to help with the climbs. Some climbs will be sustained and technical and some days my require some pushing or carrying of the bike. What is most tiring though are the descents, some of which are very long. This is the most physically demanding of our mountain bike holidays.
Really great trip. Epic trails, fantastic weather and superb guiding from basqueMTB. Felt blessed really. Peter (Talking about our 1st Ainsa Enduro mountain bike holiday)
“Ainsa Enduro” Mountain Bike Holiday: Uplift
This trip will offer around 50-60% of uplift, meaning that you will enjoy more than twice the amount of descending than climbing. Some of the climbing will be on singletrack, meaning it is much more physical than a fire road climb.

“Ainsa Enduro” Mountain Bike Holiday: Riding Areas

This trip will be based around, but will definitely not be confined to, Zona Zero in the Spanish Pyrenees.



  We will offer a transfer to Ainsa from Barcelona airport. This will be arranged once a day and you should aim to arrive before mid afternoon so that you get to your hotel in time. The return transfer will be around 9am, meaning there is plenty of time to get a flight around 1pm or later.  
  If you are coming by car then you can drive directly to Ainsa.  
  Arriving via public transport is very hard. Get in touch to discuss.  
For our Ainsa Enduro mountain bike holidays we will arrange transfers from Barcelona using a private bus. You should arrive no later than mid afternoon and depart no earlier than early afternoon.


  We pick up on Saturday in Barcelona. Please get in touch to discuss your travel before booking flights.  
The Ainsa Enduro mountain bike holiday starts and finishes on Saturday. Due to the logistics shorter trips aren´t possible.


“Ainsa Enduro” Bike Holiday Accommodation



For this trip we will be staying in appartments right in the center of Ainsa. The high standard of our accommodation is something that people usually comment on.


We pride ourselves of the high quality of eating that you will experience on our mountain bike holidays! We love to eat and also enjoy trying the good wines and we relish the chance to share the great traditional Spanish places that we have found with our guests. We can’t guarantee that you will lose weight on our trips! We include two packed lunches, on other days lunches will cost around €5-10 each day and dinners will cost from €10 to €20 each night.

Visiting Spain Alone?

All of our prices are calculated on the basis of two people sharing a room. We don’t charge a single person supplement, however we will aim to put two single people, of the same gender, into the same room. If you really don’t want this then we need to charge a single person supplement, please get in touch to ask about this. If you are traveling as an odd numbered group we will try to offer you the option of 3 to a room rather than sharing with a stranger, if we do that we will make sure there is a room large enough to make this comfortable! Depending on availability we can also offer an individual room, however due to the quality of the accommodation we use this isn’t a cheap option, full details are on the booking page.

Facilities which are Common to All Our Holiday Accommodation

2 People Sharing a Room
Workshop Area and Tools
Clothes Washing Facilities
Secure Bike Storage


Breakfasts and 2 packed lunches.
Guaranteed single room €200.

Ainsa Enduro: Facilities Common to All Accommodation

2 People Sharing a Room
WiFi 4 Nights
Bike Tools / Dedicated Workshop
Clothes Washing Facilities 2 Nights
Secure Bike Storage

Ainsa Enduro: Extra Holiday Information

Due to the logistics day trips or shorter breaks are not available on this trip.
Bike hire details are available on the mountain bike hire page.

Non Biking

Our best holiday if you would like to take a non riding partner is the fantastic riding on the Basque Coast. Having said that the Ainsa Enduro trip could be suitable for an independent non-rider. There are lovely walks from the town we will stay in and if they have their own transport then they could often ski during the day while we are biking. Due to the winter day length we are often back in the town by 5:30pm, meaning there is plenty of time to spend with your partner during the evenings. If someone wanted a day off biking then that is something we can do on this mountain bike holiday. We stay in a beautiful medieval town with a lovely spa and we can organise a really nice day off the bike if anyone fancies it.


Here are some of the questions we are regularly asked about our mountain bike holidays. If you have any questions we are delighted to answer them, just get in touch.  
Why Choose Winter To Run These Trips?
There are a few reasons. We try and choose the right time for each trip: the Basque Coast when the summer heat comes, The High Pyrenees in Autumn before the snow comes and the Backcountry Pyrenees in Spring when the temperatures are nice. What the guides at BasqueMTB do during winter though is typically ride down in the southern foothills of the Pyrenees. The trails there stay dry and it´s generally sunny with cold nights and cool to mild days. We think that this is perfect biking weather and we think that there are many people it would appeal to. These trails are way too hot in summer but in winter they are generally in perfect condition and the snow capped Pyrenees mountains offer the perfect backdrop to your mountain bike holiday! You could even take a day skiing in the middle of the week if you wanted!
Do you have an itinerary for your Ainsa Enduro Mountain Bike Holidays?
We don’t have set itineraries for any of our mountain bike holidays, we believe that the trails should be matched to the guests. We know weeks and weeks worth of riding in these areas and each day we will be selecting trails to match what you are looking for. Here is an indication of how these trips have worked in the past though.
I don't want to do a week's mountain bike holiday, can I do a shorter break?
Unfortunately for our Ainsa Enduro holidays we can’t offer shorter tours due to the fact that at times during the trip we will be a long way from the airport.
What are the group sizes on a typical mountain bike holiday?
Our Ainsa Enduro mountain bike holidays run with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 12. Up to 6 guests we would operate with one van and trailer and either one or two guides depending on the make up of the group. There would always be the option of adding another guide if we needed to split the group up. With 7 or more guests we would run with two vans, two drivers and two guides. Some days we don´t need the drivers and they would be acting as back markers.
My partner doesn't mountain bike but would like to join our holiday, is this possible?
This is a focused mountain bike holiday and isn’t really suitable for non-bikers. We would really recommend our Basque coast mountain bike holidays, near San Sebastian, if you want to come with non biking partners.
What is the weather like in that part of Spain?
The weather in the Spanish Pyrenees allows year round mountain biking. In winter the days are generally cold, however the skies are generally clear and this is a very dry part of Spain with around 330 days of sunshine a year. You should expect temperatures around freezing over night with temperatures rising to around 15ºC during the day. Typically days start with a warm top on and by ten or eleven in the morning we are riding in short sleeves.
What bike / tyres / brake pads do you recommend for this part of Spain?
To try and make this subject a bit interactive we have a facebook page dedicated to this. Please have a look here, (and we always appreciate people liking our page!).
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