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Ed Oxley, and his family, are visiting us in Spain for a family holiday and, of course, a spot of mountain biking. Ed’s son Nial is a very good downhill racer so we have strapped a headcam on him and made him chase us down the Basque mountains all day long. The video above is from one of our descents, deep in the Basque forest, called “Cross the Streams”.


This is the first part of our decent on our trail called “All Along The Watchtowers”, a moderate trail that drops 550m in around 8km of downhill singletrack; the second part will take us into the forest but this first part is on the open ridgeline section at the top. You can find more details of our skills week on the GreatRock Website, or under “Special Weeks” above. More photos and videos below.

Ed, Nial, Carlos and I riding “Cheeky Larun” and “Nutcracker”, a lot more technical and rocky than “All Along the Watchtowers” but still fast and flowy.


 And here are a couple of pictures of Sasquatch Ed and Nial riding “Cross the Streams”. The video for these clips will be up later, Ed’s just editing it just now.
Today we played around on the coast, riding on the slickrock and (for some) swimming in the sea.

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