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Reviews > Maxxis Tyre Review – Tyres from 2010

For 2010 I have settled on a couple of tyre choices which have worked well over the course of the season and will be keeping this combination for the foreseeable future. I am running without tubes on 819 or 823 rims with non-tubeless Maxxis tyres. As with all tyre reviews it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt because the best tyre for you depends on where you ride, how you ride, how heavy you are and a million other variables. You can see the type of trails I generally ride on my biking pages. 

Maxxis Minion 2.35 Supertacky Singleply Wire Bead – FRONT

WEIGHT: 831g without sealant!

SUMMARY: This is a great tyre, very grippy but it rolls well up front. It’s just a great all round tyre which works well on all surfaces.

GRIP: Fantastic.

TOUGHNESS: They work well for around 2-3 months but then the sidewalls wear and I found that they rip.

ROLLING: Rolls well for this type of tyre.

TUBELESS PERFORMANCE: These inflate very easily, even with just a track pump. You can’t run then under about 30psi or they slip off the rim.

Maxxis Advantage 2.25 60a Maxpro Singleply Wire Bead – REAR

WEIGHT: 750g without sealant.

SUMMARY: I used these with tubes but once my mate Carlos showed me the method of righteousness I used them tubeless. They roll well, are plenty tough enough and grip well.

GRIP: More than adequate for trail riding.

TOUGHNESS: With tubes I find I get a lot of pinch punctures but strangely when I run them tubeless they are tough enough.

ROLLING: Great, it’s not a race tyre but for a trail tyre it rolls well.

TUBELESS PERFORMANCE: You need to make sure they are well inflated. I’m about 80kg and run them with about 30psi in them. They are difficult to inflate, to see how I set up the tyres and get them inflated check out my tips page.

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