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All breakfast, picnic lunches on 3 days and 2 evening meals included.
Also included spa visit and bodega visit.


Soul Trips: Ladies Mountain Bike and Yoga Holiday

As Anka Martin, professional Enduro racer and adventurer says, “Beaches, spa, wine tours, amazing trails, professional guiding, shuttles, food to die for & yoga – what more can a girl ask for!”

What’s Included

 6 Nights High Quality Accommodation  
 Partially Catered  
 5 Days Guiding  
 Transfers from San Sebastian or Biarritz Airport  
 Maximum Group Size 6 People  
 Local Guides  
 High Quality Photos of Trip  
Uplift and Van Support

What an incredible experience! I want to go to the next one! Margiet

Thank you for all your amazing company, your patience, your support without any fuss Agnes

Anka Martin is a world class enduro racer who has raced the world cup DH circuit and has represented South Africa at the DH world championships. Anka has won the Transprovence multi stage enduro race and competed on the EWS circuit for several years. That tells you a bit about how Anka rides but Anka is also an adventurer, traveling the world with her bike and offering fantastic mountain bike trips in New Zealand with her husband and photographer Sven Martin.

This is the second year of Anka´s Soul Trips and they are proving to be really popular. Each year Anka offers a series of these mountain biking and yoga holidays around the world in partnership with 3 selected mountain bike holiday companies. We are really honoured that she has chosen basqueMTB to be one of those companies again this year.

This is a womens only mountain bike holiday, guided by Anka and Doug and supported by our vans. We will ride 6 days during the week with Anka providing plenty of advice to help to fine tune your riding. Every day Anka will offer yoga classes in the garden of our accommodation with big views out over the Basque Coast. The yoga will help you recover and also help improve your biking.


  Mountain Holidays Yoga Calendar  

This trip will run from the 25th June to the 1st of July 2017.


All our weeks are tailored to the guests and during the booking process we will discuss your requirements and make sure you are put in with a suitable group. Each week we aim to run two groups with a guide, driver, van and trailer each to allow people to choose the group which best suits their level.

Soul Trips | Ladies Biking and Yoga: Technical Level
basque coast mountain bike holiday technical level
The terrain in the Basque Country is very varied and we can offer mountain bike holidays for almost all levels, although due to the terrain here it isn´t suitable for beginners. The Basque Coast holiday offers a wider range of technical difficulty than our other trips and we can offer relaxed weeks for inexperienced riders or make the riding as difficult as you would ever want with very technical and steep descents.
Nothing in the UK comes close to the severity, length and altitude loss IMBike Magazine
Soul Trips | Ladies Biking and Yoga: Required Fitness
basque coast mountain bike holiday physicallevel
To enjoy our mountain bike holiday on the Basque Coast you will need a moderate level of fitness, there is very little flat ground in this part of Spain so every holiday we offer has some climbing. We have two dedicated vans and trailers offering uplift most days though, and we offer from 30 to 80% uplift depending on the group meaning daily climbs of between 300m and 1000m and descents of up to 3000m.
BasqueMTB tailored the ride to suit our abilities, was very patient and flexible throughout the day… the safety of the riders being of utmost importance. Hayden via Trip Advisor
Soul Trips | Ladies Biking and Yoga: Uplift
Typically we offer between 30% and 80% of uplift, this definitely isn´t a DH holiday though and we climb through the day and the trails are natural singletrack. Typically two days out of the holiday we offer a couple of uplifts of around 400-600m, one before lunch and the other after. The other 3 days we can offer as much as people would like. Often we opt to do a big, van assisted point to point rather than running shuttles and that involves more climbing but offers a more backcountry experience.

Soul Trips | Ladies Biking and Yoga: Riding Areas

Thanks to the help of local mountain bikers who have shared their local trails with us we have a massive area we can choose to ride in. The majority of our rides will be 10 to 30 minutes from our base in Hondarriba, however we have a huge variety of rides within an hour of our base and we often choose to do a day or two with a slightly longer drive to show off the variety in this part of Spain. Of course, if you don’t want to spend time in the van we have weeks and weeks worth of fantastic mountain biking close to our base!




Bilbao Airport is the best. Biarritz is also good. If you are flying from outside Europe you might arrive to Madrid or Barcelona and be able to fly on to Hondarribia Airport for the shortest transfer.


If you are coming by car then the ferry to Bilbao or Santander is a good option.


From Paris you can take the TGV direct to Hendaye.


For our Basque Coast mountain bike holidays you can arrive any time before 7pm. If you are arriving after that then we will book the airport hotel for you and get you the next day.



We pick up on Saturdays, and other days by arrangement, from San Sebastian, Hendaye or Biarritz Airport. There is a very easy airport transfer bus from Bilbao Airport which leaves from immediately outside arrivals and takes you directly to San Sebastian where we will pick you up. We will provide full instructions for the transfer bus and don’t worry, it really is very easy!



All of our holidays use high class accommodation and the standard of our accommodation is something that people usually comment on. The accommodation is in the beautiful fishing village of Hondarribia with big views out across the bay.

Soul Trips| Ladies Mountain Biking and Yoga

Our “luxury” accommodation is based in a modern house in Hondarribia. It has its own small swimming pool in a large garden, stunning rooms and breathtaking views along the French coast. You can walk into the center of Hondarribia in around 10 minutes to visit the lively local bars. If you don’t fancy eating out then there is also a guest kitchen where you can cook your own dinner. There is an area to store and work on bikes along with tools. This is a very high quality accommodation package and is the main place we use.

Facilities which are Common to All Our Holiday Accommodation

2 People Sharing a Room


Bike Tools / Dedicated Workshop

Clothes Washing Facilities

Secure Bike Storage

Visiting Spain Alone?

All of our prices are calculated on the basis of two people sharing a room. We don’t charge a single person supplement, however we will aim to put two single people, of the same gender, into the same room. If you really don’t want this then we need to charge a single person supplement, please get in touch to ask about this. If you are traveling as an odd numbered group we will try to offer you the option of 3 to a room rather than sharing with a stranger, if we do that we will make sure there is a room large enough to make this comfortable! Depending on availability we can also offer an individual room, however due to the quality of the accommodation we use this isn’t a cheap option, full details are on the booking page.


The prices for the mountain bike holidays we offer are shown below. If you would like to talk about an option that isn’t shown here then please get in touch.

Soul Trips | Ladies Mountain Biking and Yoga

€1450 per rider. Non Riders €520.
All breakfasts included. 2 evening meals included.
Guaranteed single room €350.

Basque Coast: Facilities Common to All Accommodation

2 People Sharing a Room

Workshop Area and Tools


Clothes Washing Facilities

Secure Bike Storage

Extra Holiday Information

We will visit a spa in San Sebastian one evening. This is included in the price.

During the week we will have a tour of a local vineyard where we can see how the wine is made and taste it afterwards! Again this is included.

Eating out in Hondarribia During Your Holiday

a town where one can spend the day murmuring “This is the best thing I’ve ever tasted,” New York Times
The New York Times recently voted Hondarribia one of the best places in the world to eat. That doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive! We generally eat lunches on the trail and the price varies for around €4 for a big sandwich to around €10-12 for a 3 course lunch with wine. Eating out in the evening is very varied and prices vary from around €10-15 for a smaller plate to around €15-25 for a 3 course meal with wine. For a special dinner you can eat in the best restaurants in Hondarribia for around €50 per person including wine and the quality of those restaurants is incredible. We can recommend and book restaurants for you and also give you help with translating the menus.

Non Biking

mountain bike holiday surfing

Basque MTB is located just outside San Sebastian, in Spain, a perfect location to offer great holidays for those who, for some strange reason, don’t want to throw themselves down mountains all day! While your loved ones risk life and limb mountain biking, you can choose lots of alternative holiday activities, from relaxing on the beach, shopping and being pampered with spa treatments to alternative thrills such as surfing. If you would like to, you can surf in Spain in the morning, have a guided tour of a local vineyard in the afternoon, and then dine in France in the evening.


Here are some of the questions we are regularly asked about our mountain bike holidays. If you have any questions we are delighted to answer them, just get in touch.  
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Photos from our Mountain Bike Holidays in the Basque Country of Spain

Have a look through the photos from our mountain bike holidays to get an idea of the fantastic mountain biking this part of Spain offers.
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