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mountain bike holiday > John, David and Lesley Join Basque MTB

John, David and Lesley Join Basque MTB

Mountain Bike Holiday Spain
Lesley, David and John's mountain bike holiday in Spain, lots of photos included.

This week’s mountain bike holidays: Lesley, David and John join us in North Spain.

Lesley, David and John joined us last week for their mountain bike holiday. The weather was changeable, as it has been across Europe for the last few weeks, however we were treated to some fantastic days of mountain biking. Read on words, video and pictures!  
Mountain biking on the coast after a big storm.
  John, David and Lesley were all travelling solo and I had paired them all up for this mountain biking holiday. David was on a sabbatical from work and was fitting us in between a long trip travelling around Europe and a trip to Cuba! Lesley was on a holiday to escape the madness of organising the Fort William World Cup downhill mountain bike race. John was only joining us for a short mountain bike trip on his way to speak at a climate change conference in the Basque country and this overlapped with Lesley and David’s week’s holiday.  
Perfect singletrack, with a bit of exposure in places, just in from the coast.
  After speaking to Lesley and David they both described themselves as intermediate riders with decent fitness and it seemed that they would fit together well. At Basque MTB we run our trips with small groups, it’s something we think is important. If I mix groups then I will speak to everyone involved to make sure that the skill levels, fitness and aspirations for the holiday are going to match well. So it seemed with Lesley and David. Then we googled Lesley. Hmmmm, she represented the UK twice in the Olympics, organiser of the Fort William World Cup downhill mountain bike race… it could be an interesting week I though. I needn’t have worried though and Lesley, David and John matched well and we had a great week of mountain biking.  
A short GoPro video of the holiday.
  There were two highlights of the holiday for me. The first was a result of very strong winds which hit the coast on Monday night, gusting to over 100kph. I knew that the waves would be impressive and chose to ride on the coast. It was a truly special place to mountain bike that day, with the huge rollers foaming and crashing into the coast and sending plumes of spray up into the air. The sound of the waves and smell of the sea was incredible. We also got some strange stormy blue skies and sun which resulted in the most incredible colours in the water.  
Lunch stop in a cabin with a view!
  The second highlight was on the last day of the holiday. I used a new trail, part of our coastal mountain bike tour. This was the first time I had used this trail during our normal Basque mountain bike holidays. I did the trail as a point to point and used the train to get back to the van. It was just a great mix of trails, not all singletrack, but with some really lovely singeltrack sections. The views were impressive and we had a big lunch of local beans with huge hunks of meat tossed in there. We rode trails on the sea cliffs and also cut inland to a valley which it seemed time had lost to ride several km of exposed contour singletrack. I will definitely use this trail again, just give me a shout if you’d like it to be during your mountain bike holiday! Thanks for a great week Lesley, David and John! It was great to meet you and a lot of fun riding around with you. Sorry about all the bruises Lesley and I’m looking forward to hearing about Cuba David.    [AFG_gallery id=’7′]


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