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ultimate pyrenees mountain bike holiday
Ultimate Pyrenees MTB VIdeos. Watch the GoPro footage from our Ultimate Pyrenees mountain bike holiday.

Ultimate Pyrenees MTB Videos

Here you have all the videos from our Ultimate Pyrenees mountain bike holiday last year. We shot these Ultimate Pyrenees MTB videos with GoPro during the trip and, rough as they are, they give a good idea of the trip. Really it is not possible to capture professional footage of this trip because of the amount of riding we need to fit into each day!

This holiday was originally called High Pyrenees VIP but we weren’t happy with that name so changed it! The plan is to run one of these holidays each year. 2019 is booked out and we are already holding spaces for 2020.

These Ultimate Pyrenees MTB videos are GoPro, pretty much all POV and they are pretty long. It isn’t our usually style of video but if you want to get a good idea of the Pyrenees mountain bike trails we rode then they are worth a watch. We videoed one trail each day wherever possible so this is only a selection of what we rode. We were limited by battery power (there are no charge points up in the mountains!) and also by time for editing the long, long videos.

We understand that this trip is a once in a life time thing. Really it isn’t something which many people will do. The idea of the Ultimate Pyrenees mountain bike holiday is that we can test trails with small, well known, groups and hopefully some of these trails will make their way into future versions of the High Pyrenees and Backcountry Pyrenees trips.

The videos are divided up into 4 parts.

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