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Michael and Monika from Germany

Mountain Bike Holiday Spain
Michael and Monika's mountain bike holiday in Spain, lots of photos included.

Michael and Monika’s Mountain bike holiday as bad weather hits Spain.

Last week we were joined by Michael and Monika (the M&M’s!) from Germany for a weeks mountain bike holiday in Spain. Michael and Monika have been mountain biking all over Europe and it was great to be able to show them our trails on the western edge of the Pyrenees and the Basque Coast. Unfortunately the weather decided not to treat us too kindly during their holiday. It was raining all across Spain, from Malaga to Madrid, and we got the tail end of it. Read on to find out about Michael and Monika’s mountain bike holiday with Basque MTB with (lots) more holiday photos… On Sunday we were treated to a perfect day for mountain biking; warm and with blue heavens. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather we spent the first day of the M&M’s holiday on the coast. Using a mixture of trails we did a full circumnavigation of Jaizkibel, the mountain behind our accommodation. This is a bit of a new route for me, using existing trails in a different way. Very enjoyable though and we were treated to a traditional Basque market at the end where we enjoyed a beer and cake! Michael and Monika were great bikers, they have been mountain biking for a long time and were very good when things got technical. Monika was also seriously rapid uphill aswell, meaning there was no chance for me to rest!
 Crazy little villages up on the tops of mountains. Our trail drops through here.
On Monday we rode a mixture of trails in the forest. I wanted to show the guys the mountain biking trails we have in the forest. We had fun riding until around mid afternoon when the weather closed in and we found ourselves a bit cold for the last descent. Tuesday we decided to go south towards Pamplona where we have a trail we call “The Desert”. Generally the weather in Pamplona is different to the Basque coast and when one is wet the other is dry. It gives us lots of options for riding regardless of the weather. Sure enough, we stayed dry all day but there were a few very muddy sections. The descents were riding really well though and we used a couple of uplifts to make sure we got the most descending we could.
 Rocky, sunny mountain biking in the South Pyrenees.
The final day we ventured down to the pre Pyrenees to enjoy the best weather. This was the first time I had guided on these trails and it was a big success. As Monika said to me at the end, “that is the reason I mountain bike!” What a great way to wrap up their mountain bike holiday and I was glad we could show them a bit of the variety in this part of Spain. I’ll miss Monika’s constant laughter which accompanied our riding on just about every trail, unless there were wet, off camber roots! If you are coming on holidays to this part of Spain and like your mountain biking on the rocky side then make sure you ask me to take you to “The Rock”… good trails! I checked with Michael before I quoted his email, here is an excerpt: “we arrived safely in Germany after finalizing our trip with another amazing dinner at Sebastians on Friday (we went for the tasting (degustations) menu – highly recommended!!). Once again – many thanks for the hospitality and all your efforts to turn our trip into a great holiday. Keep up the good work and just stay the way you are… We will be back ! – Indeed we are discussing already October” [AFG_gallery id=’6′]


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