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Mountain Bike Holidays with John and Andy

John and Andy's mountain bike holiday with a GoPro video.
In March John and Andy visited us for their 3rd consecutive mountain bike holiday! This year we took a trip down to the south Pyrenees, near Jaca for a couple of days of mountain biking. Sort of a holiday within a holiday! Read on for more photos and some words about the holiday. The first day was fantastic, riding some natural rocky trails with two big descents and you can see those trails in this video of their holiday. That night some bad weather moved in from the south of Spain and we decided to retreat to the Basque Country to search out dry trails, meaning we didn’t do our second planned ride down there. We rode some of the guys old favourite trails in the Basque Country, mixed up with some new trails for 2012. The guys seemed to have a great holiday and Andy said it was the “best one yet!”:
The first couple of days of the recent @doug_basquemtb trip 3rd time over there and better than ever #photos flic.kr/s/aHsjzfaG8X — Andy Davies (@gothandy) March 23, 2012
We almost had a disaster on our trip to Jaca. I had been bigging up the descent as “one of the best natural mountain bike trails ever.” Just as we arrived at the top my chain dropped off and, on closer examination, I found that my derailleur had snapped its springs. It meant there was no tension in the chain and I couldn’t pedal. Fortunately we managed to come up with a solution, using an inner tube and some zip ties. It worked perfectly, giving me almost a full range of gears!
Bodged derailleur … it worked better than the standard ones!
The colours are almost always Autumnal here.Andy dropping into one of the big rocky slabs.
So, thanks a lot guys, I really enjoyed our mountain bike holiday together. It was great to see you both and see you riding so well.


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