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Reviews > 2010 Season Kit Review: Superstar Nano Thru Pin Pedals

SUMMARY: A great performing budget pedal.

+ Good platform. + It is lasting very well; still spinning true and free after almost a year of abuse. + Narrow profile.

– There are other lighter pedals out there. – Grip is good enough but it’s not as grippy as the grippiest pedals.

If you look carefully you will see there are a lot of pedals which look extremely similar to the Superstar Nano, notably the Nukeproof “Neutron” and the HT Components “Nano – AN01SS”, although there are others. I chose to buy the Nano’s for two reasons, the HT Components were out of stock and the Nukeproof were slightly more expensive. I was slightly worried about Superstar’s reputation for poor customer service but since I live in Spain there was little chance of me returning the pedals anyway so I went for it. There was also the fact that the Nano’s would come in blue which would match my hubs and headset… come on, we’ve all got a touch of tartery about our bikes don’t we?! I bought my Nano Thru Pins from Superstar Components where they are currently selling for around £43, or you can get the Nukeproof version for about £50.

There are two choices for the Nano’s, the normal pedals which have the grub screw type pins and the thru-pin which have the pins which screw through from the back. I opted for the thru-pins, the reason being that it’s rocky here and my pedals tend to take a battering so the thru pins should last longer. Weight is claimed at 499g, mine weigh in at 502g. The Ti axle variation is around 60g less. The pedals are 17mm thick with a platform of around 10cm square. They run on a combination of a bushing and cartridge bearings which are protected by multiple seals and are replaceable. If you look at the competitors you will see similar figures, although the Nukeproof’s claim slightly lower weight and a slightly smaller platform. There are no flats on the pedal axle, meaning you can’t use a pedal spanner but instead have to use an 8mm Allen key; I find this awkward, a pedal spanner is such a good tool for what it does and an Allen key is definitely a poor relation. These aren’t by any means the only pedal to shun the pedal spanner but I think it’s a bad trend and worth mentioning.

I have been using these pedals for around a year and have found them to be excellent. The platform is a great size and is plenty grippy, I’m riding these back to back with a set of Straitline pedals and the Nano’s are slightly less grippy but there’s not much in it. The slightly concave pedal feels great underfoot, and the bearings have lasted for a year of abuse without any protests. I have read reports of weak axles… all I can say is that during the last year I have broken just about everything on my bike, including stripping a set of XTR cranks while these pedals were attached, and the pedals are fine. I have run them on my big STD for DH days and sessions at the jump park and haven’t had any issues despite plenty of amateur landings!

Today was the first time I have ever opened the pedals in 11 months of abuse, so you are seeing all the dirt and wear from a year of riding. Stripping the pedals is easy, first there are 2 endcaps on the outboard end which undo with a 6mm Allen key. Then there is a 9mm nut sitting inside the pedal body; I found that the narrow pedal body means there’s not much space to get a socket in there and I had to buy a thinner socket specially. Once the nut is undone the axle pulls out and the bearings come out easily too. I was very surprised to see that the grease inside the body was totally clean, the bearings were also clean and felt new, the seals on the pedal obviously do a great job. There was no wear, or play in the axle and I just added some (unnecessary) grease and put it all back together.

Comparing these to the Straitlines, which I used for around a year previously, the Superstar pedals are less grippy but I don’t think this is necessarily a disadvantage and, certainly with my Shimano Am40’s, I haven’t had any issues. The longevity is where the Superstars excel, they feel pretty much new after a year, even if the body shows wear and damage from clumsiness.

The Straitline pedals that I generally use on my other bike are ready for the bin now so I am looking for something to replace them. I will either go for another set of the Nano’s, or a set of the Nukeproof Electron pedals. The Nukeproofs look amazing and their plastic body is light, but the Nano’s have been good to me so is it’s either follow my heart to the new or my head to the tried and tested!

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