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Covid Update – 2021 / 22 Holiday Season

We opened fully again in September 2021 and enjoyed a very busy September, October and early November with zero problems, guiding groups from all over the world.

We are taking bookings for the 2022 season and, as we have done throughout our 13 year history we will continue to put our guest’s safety as the first priority. You can book with confidence, we have updated our T&C’s so that you will not suffer financially if your holiday can’t go ahead due to Covid restrictions. To summarise our booking conditions.

Flexible Deposits: If you are unable to travel due to Covid then you can move your trip to another date at no cost. We will also refund you, minus any bank charges. (Note. Bank charges are small on our side, this is just to cover us for international transfers where there is often an unknown charge on the receiving end of the transfer).

Operating Procedures: We will be continuing to follow government best practice to minimise any risk when you are here. We have spoken to our accommodation providers and they are also following best practice, plus we will make more single rooms available, although as always we will need to add a small charge for this.

What We Ask From You: We will ask all arriving guests to show a negative test on arrival. This is very easy to do and there is very little cost. If anyone is concerned about this then please let us know. Our guides will do the same.

Minimising Your Risks: We always advise our guests to take out insurance that covers them for cancellation on their side and this is especially important just now. If you need to cancel for personal reasons this will ensure that you can claim for flights and the holiday cost.

Hopefully that gives some clarity, and confidence, about our booking process and how we are trying to adapt. Any questions, doubts, worries or suggestions then please just get in touch!

Update: Holiday Status November 2020

Well the 2020 MTB holiday season didn’t happen. We have all survived though and have been busy building trails and preparing for 2021. We will be open in 2021 and have bookings starting April. You can book with confidence because we have updated our terms and conditions to make sure that all deposits are transferable if you are unable to travel due to CoVid, or we are unable to offer you a holiday. All the best from everyone here at basqueMTB, thanks to everyone for the support and we will hopefully see lots of you in 2021!

Our next trips are the Backcountry Pyrenees Holidays in April and May, closely followed by the Basque Coast Trip in late May.

Update: Holiday Status May 2020

Coronavirus Mountain Bike Holiday Update (From April 2020)

Following the govenerment guidelines we are planning to open at the start of July. We will make sure that we conform with all the best guidance from the government to ensure everyone is safe of course. Currently, assuming there are no spikes in the infection rates, we will be allowed to receive foreign visitors starting from the 1st of July 2020. Unsurprisingly we have an uncommon number of vacancies, if you want a space then give us a shout! We are all very motivated to get started again and get people our on our trails.

First of all, thanks so much for the people who have taken time to send us messages of support. From the people who are praying for us to the people who say they are still coming no matter what to the people who say that they know it´s a hard time and they will book a trip as soon as possible to the people who have been sending silly GIFs which have helped keep our spirits up.

Thanks to you all!!

First of all let me explain the situation here in Spain. We have been locked down in our houses unable to leave except for emergencies, shopping or in some cases to work, since the 14th of March. Above and beyond that there is a social responsibility to do what we can to limit the spread of the virus as much as possible to protect the vulnerable. The situation seems to be improving here rapidly, and mainly the cases are concentrated in Madrid. Our holidays in April and now most of May are cancelled and being rescheduled. We are trying to act on what is possible and also what seems safe and advisable for our guests and also importantly for our partners in the often remote areas we work in. Things are changing all the time and we are trying to act on the latest information to take the best decisions possible.

We want to offer the best possible options for our guests. You guys are the reason we are here and have shown us amazing support over the last 11 years. We want everyone to stay safe and if we can remove any stresses at this difficult time we would like to. To that end if people are unable to travel for our holidays we are going to offer the option of changing the dates of your trip. We are working on the fine details but broadly speaking we will offer a similar trip within around 12 months to all people who have a booking with us just now which they cannot make due to caused by the Corona virus. To be totally clear and honest that lets us give you a holiday in return for what you have already paid but it also lets us keep the booking and projected income which hopefully is going to allow us to survive this incredibly difficult time.

In summary. Stay safe, stay well, and when the date of your holiday arrives, if you can´t travel then we will carry your payments over to another trip with no charge on our part. In the meantime, wash your hands, don´t panic and be safe. We will see you as soon as is possible, practical and safe. Best wishes to everyone from all of the team at basqueMTB.

To fill the time we are going to try and come up with some things. We will look at doing an “ask us anything” Instagram live in the next few days which we will announce through social media. As soon as we are able to get out of our houses again we will start working on our trails, making som videos and getting some stories out on this blog. We hope to be offering some holidays in June and July and we are all ready for that and are assessing that all the time.

What should you do if you have a trip with us? I am contacting everyone around 2-3 weeks prior to their trip, that seems like a reasonable timescale to take advantage of the latest information available. From your side if you have your flights cancelled or are definitely unable to travel then please let us know as soon as possible and we will start going through options. If your trip has been cancelled we will try and reschedule you as soon as possible and will offer options as soon as it is clear what those options are.

If you are concerned about it, want an update, or just to ask me anything then just please get in touch. I have plenty of time to answer emails just now!

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