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This year

I’ve gone through a few pairs of tyres and I thought I’d share my thoughts on them. The biking here can be steep and tough and are a lot more varied than other parts of Spain, this gives tyres a real testing. We can be riding slick rock in the morning, sand in the afternoon and slippy rivers in the evening!

Bontrager Big Earl 2.35 TR Wet.

WEIGHT: 880g’s.

SUMMARY: This was a great compromise tyre which gripped well throughout the Spanish winter for me.

GRIP: Very grippy on rocks and roots but not able to cope with claggy mud.

TOUGHNESS: The carcass survived numerous slashes on sharp rocks without dying as you can see in the photo. The centre tread of the rear wore pretty quickly but in 2-3months I didn’t get a single puncture. Eventually I ripped the sidewall.

ROLLING: Rolls pretty well for a big tyre.

Maxxis Highroller LUST 2.35 42A front, 60a rear.

WEIGHT: 1222g’s with DH tubes (see below as to why with tubes!)

SUMMARY: These were a waste of money for me, the tyres are not tough enough to survive the trails in the Pyrenees. If you ride somewhere without many sharp rocks then these tyres could be just right for you, but in this part Spain they are totally useless.

GRIP: Very good on everything. On wet rocks you need to watch the pressures to get decent grip. They need to be leaned over to grip I think.

TOUGHNESS: Sidewalls ripped in less than a week so I have been forced to run with tubes.

ROLLING: 42a on front, 70a on back and it rolls great.

Maxxis Larsen TT 2.35 Rear.

WEIGHT: 950g’s with DH tubes.

SUMMARY: A fantastic rear tyre that surpassed all expectations.

GRIP:Amazing, given how fast it rolls. I run it back to front after some experiments because I find it grips better for the DH’s, which is where I want it! The climbs are compromised and on wet rocky climbs you have to be careful with your lines.

TOUGHNESS: Susceptible to thorn punctures but other than that plenty tough enough if you ride light. For warp speed, rocky stuff expect pinch flats.

ROLLING: Rolls fantastically compared to the other tyres I use.

Maxxis HighRoller 2.5 UST SuperTacky Front and Rear.

WEIGHT: 1220g’s without sealant.

SUMMARY: A fantastic grippy tyre, no worries about flats at all, but heavy. Best for uplift days, or very long tough descents where you don’t mind taking your time to get to the top. Works well on our mountains but I found it incredibly frustrating in the UK where there are fewer steep descents.

GRIP:As you would expect it sticks like bran flakes to a cerial bowl.

TOUGHNESS: Despite feeling myself hitting the rim a couple of times the tyre hasn’t batted an eyelid.

ROLLING: You need legs to pedal these bad boys, there’s no getting around it!

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