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New BasqueMTB Mountain Bike Jerseys

New mountain bike tops being ordered. Should be available around March.
Our current tops in action.
We are about to order a new batch of BasqueMTB mountain bike tops. Some of you who have visited us for a mountain bike holiday may have seen the tops, or you may even have one! This years tops are of the same design however we are going to use a new company to produce them. Read on for photos, designs and order information.
Our current tops in action. There are 2 designs, one largely green the other largely white.
The New Top Supplier.
First of all, the company we have chosen to produce the tops for us is SixMotion. SixMotion are a small company, based in France, who produce really nice quality mountain bike gear. I ordered some sample tops and am very happy with the quality.  Brad, a big fan of BasqueMTB, popped in to help me model our tops. Luckily he also brought his own helmet. Click on any of the photos to make them bigger. Also, please note that the samples aren’t in our design. They are only to give an idea of the cut of the tops.
The first option is a Downhill or Enduro style top. It is baggy but not overly so. I would recommend that if you plan wearing it with body armour underneath you go up a size. The top features a v neck, material cuffs and more breathable material under the arms. I really like the cut of this top, it’s perfect for the type of riding we do. The second optionis a jersey exactly the same as the long sleeve but with shorter sleeves. I don’t have photos of this. I plan to make up the bulk of the order with the long and short sleeve Enduro jersey. I think that the cut is great and I like the feel of the neck and the sleeves.
 The third option is a polo-shirt type design. It’s a more relaxed style however is made from the same technical fabric as the Enduro top. The sizing is slightly different, it’s a bit longer and maybe a little bit baggier around the waist. I’m only planning ordering a small number of these so if you really want one then just give me a shout.
Above Brad models our current tops, also in a medium, just to give an idea of the size and cut.
 Finally there are other options, including tight tops, zipped necks or simple t-shirt designs with rounded necks but made in the same technical fabric. I’m not planning getting any of these made up, if you desperately want one then give me a shout and I’ll add it to the order.
Detail Shots of the New Tops
The new tops appear to be really nice quality, similar to our previous tops. Here are some details shots so you can make your own mind up.
 Under the arms. The collar.  The sleeve and cuff.


The ordering process.
Some of you will remember the nightmare we had with our previous top order. The company we used, despite good reviews on the internet, turned out to be a total disaster. It took a lot of hassle and time to eventually get our order delivered and the 6 week lead time ended up taking almost a year. I won’t go into all the details here but lets just say it’s obvious why we aren’t using that company again. This time we will not take any orders up front. We will buy the tops and then sell them when they arrive, which should be around the start of March. Having said that, if you want a top reserved for you, especially if you aren’t a small, medium or large, or if you’d like something other than the Enduro design, then please let me know. If you would like to purchase a top then you can do it on your holiday, or by email when they arrive here.
The tops will cost us €35. We aren’t doing this to make a profit, we just want people to be wearing BasqueMTB tops on the trails! BasqueMTB will cover the postage costs as a thank you for choosing to wear one of our jerseys. (Note: the normal, i.e. non-branded, tops are €39 direct from the website and more expensive from the shops).

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